Counting down the hours…

wpid-20140417_193104.jpgFour whole days off work, thanks to the Easter Bank hols here in the UK, so plenty of time to get my first brew on.

I’ve amassed the kit – save for one small, but hopefully not too vital – piece of equipment and went on an ingredient raid this lunchtime.

The lovely lady at the Love Brewing store in Chesterfield was extremely patient with me and my noob questions, even though they are in the process of moving premises. I came away with a sparging bag and the following:

  • 5(ish) kilos of Maris Otter
  • 500g Crushed Crystal
  • 17g target hops
  • 8g Challenger hops
  • 8g Northdown hops
  • 11g East Kent Goldings
  • Some Mangrove Jack Craft Series yeast – M10 (Workhorse) – a good all -rounder, by all accounts.
  • Plus a few other sundries.

The advice I’ve had from The Apt Homebrewer, The Homebrew Handyman and Bionic Brewing has been gratefully recieved and I’m (hopefully) good to go.

I’m aiming for a simple British bitter of around 5% ABV for my first brew and should have no problems achieving that from the above. I sound like I know what I’m talking about, but I really don’t, but I’m looking forward to the journey.

Whatever happens with this brew, I’ll go from there. And I’ll post the results (good or otherwise).

Cheers, people!


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