So, why am I doing this?

As I said in my maiden post to launch this blog, the main reason I’ve decided to finally take the plunge – after years of umming and ahhing – and brew my first batch is because it’s always been in me.

My grandad (RIP xx) – a real role model to me growing up – was born into a long line of brewers and although it skipped a couple of generations, the stories he told me when I was growing up planted a seed in my head that is finally flowering.

I’ll tell his story another day, but it’s safe to say, his influence looms large.

The real trigger, the epiphany, the why now? moment, came during a chance conversation with a colleague about the story we were working on for our business magazine, In Business, just a few weeks ago.

When I told him about my family line, he just said “so why aren’t you brewing then?” and he was right. So I’m taking the plunge.

You can read that article here. It’s fascinating (if I say so myself!), gives great insight into the brewing sector in the place I live and highlights just what can be built from small beginnings.

It was the kick up the arse that I needed. I’ve thought about it long enough. Now I’m going to do it.

Cheers, People!


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