For those about to rack…

image…we salute you*

Racked into secondary today. Relatively straightforward process and my fermenter is now sat in the darkened corner of my spare bedroom, gently farting away every few minutes or so to let me know it’s still there.

There was a ring of dingy-looking scum around the top of my fermenting bin after siphoning off the sweet nectar, and a whole heap of shit in the bottom, but I’m hugely relieved that I didn’t skunk my beer.

I siphoned off a crafty sample before racking and am pleased with the results. Here are my preliminary tasting notes:

imageClarity: Still quite murky, but at this stage I’m not too concerned. I plan to leave in secondary for at least two weeks so plenty of time for the sediment to drop and the batch to clear a little.

Colour:  A warm amber. It was at the darker side of brown ale when it went in, but has lightened a lot and has come out much closer to what I was expecting.

Taste: Undeniably beery, but quite light on the pallete. Lacks body – possibly a result of a rushed sparge – but drinkable nonetheless. The hops hit right off the bat, with the sweeter malty notes kicking in and carrying through right at the end. Not fully mature by any stretch, but at this stage, it’s bitter enough to incite a second swig and the finish is quite dry. I’ve drank better and paid for worse, so can’t really complain. If the taste improves as it matures, I’ll consider it a job well done.

imageGravity: Went into primary just shy of 1035. Went into secondary at 1017. Aiming to get it down to 1013 if poss. Again, could be better but could be worse. More attention to the sparge next time should yield better results.

Overall: At this stage – and for my first brew – am moderately happy. It tastes OK, it hasn’t skunked, and is close to what I was aiming for. Not flawless by any stretch, but broadly what I was hoping to achieve first time out and a starting block on which to build. It’s the start of my journey and I build from here.

Cheers, people!

* For those who couldn’t resist the title of this post, this one, courtesy of the world’s ultimate beer drinking band, is just for you…


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