#FF Pint – Build A Rocket Boys

20140427_180836Manic week at work this week, so blogging activity has been a bit sparse around these parts.

However, just enough time to squeeze in a quick #FF pint for all those who have been good enough to engage with me on this blog and on Twitter this week.

It’s Build a Rocket Boys!, a beer brewed exclusively by the band Elbow in support of their¬†album of album of the same moniker.

I’m not a fan of the band – far from it, in fact – but I kind of like the idea of a band-endorsed beer, which reflects their roots, homeland and heritage.

Hailing from Bury, Elbow are very much a product of the home in the heartland of the industrial north.

Brewed by Robinson’s in Stockport, near Manchester, this golden, malty amber beer is a very smooth pint. Not at all unpleasant, but by no means remarkable.

If I was being harsh, I’d say it was a reflection of the band themselves – bland and inoffensive, but lifted by the occasional high note – but it’s the Friday of a Bank Holiday weekend, so I’m not going to be so churlish and instead say that this made a good accompaniment to the roast lamb and mint sauce dinner I drank it with. Not perfect, but a good companion nonetheless.

So, bottoms up guys and thanks for checking out the blog this week. Hope to see you back here soon.



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