Message (almost) in a bottle…

wpid-20140507_195134-1.jpgBrew has been in secondary for the best part of two weeks, but I pitched in some gelatine this evening, ahead of bottling this weekend.

I was extremely diligent with the sanitisation, but the opportunity to syphon off a wee sipper was too hard to resist, so rack off the best part of a pint I did. Here are the tasting notes:

Clarity: Not crystal clear by any stretch, but better than it was before going into secondary. A lot better, in fact. Not expecting perfection, but am hopeful that the gelatine will help get rid of most of the final fug and leave me with a beer you can see through.

Colour: It’s lightened another notch from the nutty-brown concoction it was and now looks like a nice, light ale.

wpid-20140507_194636.jpgTaste: Definitely matured. Still lacks body, which stems from the rushed sparge, but is by no means unpleasant. Much of the maltiness has gone, so the hoppy notes shine through and the finish is dry. I’m pleased at this stage.

Gravity: Dropped from 1018 to 1015, from 1035 at the start. Happy with that for a first attempt, but know where improvements can be made next time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Overall: Not perfect by any stretch, but not as shabby as I was expecting for the first brew, either. I could see myself drinking two or three bottles of this on the patio, in the late sunshine, when the time is right.

The plan is to bottle, name and Christen this batch at the weekend, then get my next one on the weekend after.

I’m thinking pale, in time for Summer, but we’ll see.

For now, cheers people!


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