Cloudy with a chance of yeast balls…

20140512_213939Bottled my first batch yesterday, following a couple of weeks in secondary.

It was a leisurely, if time consuming, activity, but I now have 30+ bottles of beer happily conditioning away.

The beer itself hasn’t changed too much since I dropped in the finings. It tastes more or less the same, although perhaps a touch sweeter, but the one thing which has left me a bit puzzled is what has happened to its clarity.

When I racked my sample off last week, it wasn’t perfect, but it was a damn sight clearer than it was when I racked it from primary.

However, since adding finings (gelatine and isinglass), it has gone much murkier than it was. I had been working on the assumption that it should go the other way.

It left a huge puddle of slop at the bottom after syphoning the whole brew off into bottles, so I know a lot of the crap has dropped out of it since adding finings, but I was expecting it to be much clearer.

So, my question to all you more experienced craft brewers out there is: should I be worried about this development (beer tastes fine, just cloudy as a puddle)…and will it clear in the bottle over time?

Interesting post-script is that I can see a definite break in the bottles now, 24 hours on. About half an inch of beer at the top of each bottle is near crystal clear, with the rest underneath cloudy as hell…it was about half a cm when I woke up this morning, so definite progress, but will the rest clear over time?

Over to you, guys, am I on the right track?


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