I can see clearly-ish…

Almost a week since bottling and the vast majority of the brew is clearing very nicely indeed.

I managed to fill 37 half-pint bottles in the end, with a half-dozen chilling in the fridge and the rest in a totebox under the stairs.

I’m pleased with the progress of all bar one…..


The taller bottle on the right as you view it is typical of the whole batch – quite still and clearing nicely.

The one on the left, however, has a tiny ring of froth at the top and is gently bubbling under the surface. To my mind, it means either a touch too much priming sugar has re-started fermentation… OR… that particular bottle is skunked.

This is my first ever brew and I am far from being an expert, so my questions to all you more experienced homebrewers out there is…

1) Safe or skunked?
2) If skunked, can I use that bottle as a guide as to when the other bottles in the batch have fallen fully clear, or will it behave differently if it has been infected?

As always, all advice from the community welcome and appreciated.


3 thoughts on “I can see clearly-ish…

  1. Hi, I am a fairly new homebrewer. Looking at the left bottle the cap doesn’t look level. Could the CO2 be rising out of solution and escaping through a leaking cap?

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