First brew of the year…

It was Easter 2014 when I started this blog and, in effect, my new homebrew hobby. A lot of beer has been brewed – and drank – since then and I have found that my pastime has occupied my free thoughts a lot over the past 12 months.

While time, space and equipment limitations, coupled with work and family commitments, has limited the number of actuals brews I’ve seen through from start to finish to only four, I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made over the year and have enjoyed learning from my mistakes to ensure that each subsequent brew has been better than the last.

Although not quite  a year to the day, I’m marking the anniversary of my debut brew by getting another batch on.

This one will be quite similar to my first effort, Badfish Bitter, but the recipe has been rebooted slightly, which will hopefully give a better result this time around.

I’ve stripped out the crystal malt from the original and instead, am going total marris otter this time around, mostly pale, but with approx half-a-kilo kilned to a lovely hazlenut brown, which should give a nice toffee finish.
Any I’ve tweaked the hop blend to include a mix of Target, Northdown and Challeger, with a final drop of the latter going in dry in secondary.

It’s sunny outside, my spotify is loaded up with ska/reggae loveliness and I’m looking forward to creating what will hopefully be an early-Summer session beer.



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