Anastasia Template 1-page001.pngMy latest beer was bottled a couple weeks ago and I’ve enjoyed a few since then. It probably sums up where I’m at as an amateur brewer with two years’ experience under my belt.

It’s the clearest-looking, cleanest-tasting beer I’ve produced to date and the amount of trub which fell out of both primary and secondary was noticeably higher than any of my previous brews.

This one has the same grain profile as Rocksteady, but the hops I sued were Amarillo (once in the boil, once in secondary, once as a late drop) and Cascade.

The result is hoppier than maltier, with a dry finish, more suited to the summer months than the winter ones… this is one to start off in April, to enjoy in July.

Again, the music I was playing during brewing inspired the name (and the thinking) behind the beer. Again, the label above is my favourite, but the variants below will get stuck on to the bottles which get given to my friends and family to (hopefully) enjoy…

Great song, great story, was privileged to see the great man himself perform it at Download festival this year…