Badfish Reloaded

Badfish 2.0.pngThis is a reboot of my first ever brew, Badfish Bitter, brewed almost a year to the day since I started this journey…

Reboot in the sense that the malt was the same, but the hop mix was slightly different… No EKG, but 50g of Target (30g in the boil, the final 20g dry-dropped), 10g Challenger and 10g Northdown.

A year in, and my process has improved, resulting in a much clearer beer, with less trub at the end of secondary and less sediment in the bottle, but the taste was more balanced… with the sweet malty notes pegging back the overly-hoppy nature of the initial brew.

The plan is to use this recipe as a benchmark after every three or four brews I finish, just to track the progress I’m making. I expect a clearer beer come Badfish 3.0, with further refinements to the malt/hop balance.

In a year, though, the difference between versions one and two was quite stark. Here’s the song that inspired the name…