Hoppy Jack

Hoppy Jack Label Lo Res.pngMy third beer was also the most challenging. In terms of process, by the time I’d brewed this, I had the basics down and was able to recognise the little tweaks required along the way to ensure I had a decent wort to ferment.

But, I managed to overboil the liquor at one point, which I think added a treacly, aniseedy note to the final beer, which I wasn’t expecting given the large amount of floral, citrussy Citra hops I used throughout… I was expecting something more akin to a late-summery American IPA, but got an autumnal amber ale, full of intense, plummy, dark fruit flavours instead.

Probably the best-tasting beer in my stable so far, but not what I was expecting. I will revisit this one at some point, to see if I can come up with something, using the same ingredients, more closely matched with my expectations.

As for inspiration, this one goes right the way back to one of the first bands I was ever exposed to on my dad’s car stereo… and one which I still love to this day…