The waiting game…

IMG_20140422_203843-148 hours since pitching and the waiting game continues.

Still plenty of carbon dioxide puffing up the lid of my fermenting bin and I can still see clumps of yeast shooting up and dropping down inside.

This time last night, there was a 2cm dense, thick pancake of yeast on top of my wort, which was a dirty, sludgy brown.

Have just checked and the yeast layer has double in size but looks a lot more foamy and the wort is starting to clear. There is a definite layer of crud at the bottom of the bin now, which seems to have grown in the few hours since I got home from work. The wort is much, much clearer than it was yesterday.

The big decision I have to make now is whether or not to rack into a secondary fermenter to complete the process. The recipe says yes, my gut feeling is that things are progressing well and I should leave it be… for now.

A cursory search of t’interweb would suggest that secondary may help give me a clearer finished brew, but is not essential. I’m going to go with my gut on this one.

Brewing is confusing, but I kind of like the conundrums it’s throwing up for me to consider.

One final word – this blog and its Twitter are barely a week old and already, I’ve been overwhelmed by the welcome and support I’ve received from the homebrew/craft brew community so far.

I’ve joined online communities before as a noob and found them insular, unwelcoming and unfriendly temples to enter, but not so here.You guys are such a friendly bunch!

Special mention, in no particular order, must go to Gary at Bionic Brewing, The Apartment Homebrewer, the Homebrew Handyman, @BeerGeekUK, @SussexBrewer and not least @TucsonHooligan (COYR!) and The Happy Homebrewer for your advice, guidance, insight and support this week, it is truly valued and appreciated.

I look forward to sharing experiences and swapping stories in the months ahead.

It’s been a fun week. For now, cheers people.