Brew Day Tunes

Happy Easter people and greetings from a cold and damp UK.

It’s brew day. I’m boiling a batch of water to brew with at present and plan to start my first-ever brew shortly. The plan is here.

Kitchen will be wiped down and my kit will be sanitised shortly. My yeast is already rehydrating.

The only essential missing ingredient for the day is the tunes. Here’s what’s on my playlist:

220px-Sublime40OztoFreedomalbumcoverSublime: 40oz to Freedom – This is a Sunday morning album by any definition, but is the perfect choice for brew day. I’m looking to create a chilled vibe in the kitchen while I’m toiling away and save for the odd blast of hardcore punk sandwiched in between Sublime’s unique blend of Hip Hop, ska, rocksteady and reggae, this will fit that requirement perfectly.

InBetweenDreamsJack Johnson: In Between Dreams – Building on from 40oz, another Sunday morning album. It’s got a wake up, roll out of bed and drink coffee on the patio kind of vibe and its strenght is its simplicity. It was his breakthrough album here in the UK and to this day, remains his best. Hoping the sunshine breaks through by the time this one comes on.

AugustusPablo-KingTubbyMeetsRockersUptownKing Tubbys meets Rockers Uptown – Heavy dub. Normally reserved for later in the day when the lights are turned down low and the bass is cranked up high. Not only is the musicianship first class on this album, but the use of the studio and its technology as an adjunct of the band is unmatched. One of the first ever pure dub albums, this was a pioneer of the genre and has few equals.

51h4UbjN7IL__SY450_Prince Buster: Fabolous Greatest Hits – This will lift the mood up a notch towards the end of the brew today. The godfather of ska, Buster’s influence runs large through most of the music I love. The Specials and The Beat – two of my all time fave bands – owe him a huge debt, as do the Fish and some of the other third gen American ska bands I’ve taken to my heart. Speaking of which…

TimArmstrong-APoet'sLifeTim Armstrong: A Poet’s Life – An interesting departure for Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong, who teams up with white reggae rabble-rousers The Aggrolites for his maiden solo effort. The result is A Poet’s Life, a sublime mix of Hip Hop, punk and the unique brand of dirty reggae his collaborators are famed for.


That’s the soundtrack for the day folks. I’m off to start brewing. I’ll be posting a review of the day later on.